while the cat's away…

Sometimes, when Nathan works late, I eat oatmeal. Or chocolate-covered almonds and saltines.

But sometimes, I eat an Herb + Rice Stuffed Tomato alongside Seared Tuna with Soy-Ginger Vinaigrette and Sliced Avocado.


And those times, I take a picture, just so he can see what he’s missing.


5 responses to “while the cat's away…

  1. Wow! That was almost worth the 20 minutes it took for your picture to download on my computer. Now if I could just taste it…..

    You’re amazing. If I was Nathan I would never work late.

  2. Wow Jax, looks and sounds delich! Plan on serving that to your Pop next chance you get.

  3. Wow! That WAY outdoes pretzels with Nutella!

    We miss you guys!

  4. you’re completely awesome

  5. Wow, that looks absolutely amazing! I am so craving how I imagine what it tastes like, now! (I think we’ve met once before eons ago at some home-school thing…my sister Stacey knew you, I think?)

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