bike lust

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes
This bike has been making its way around the internet for awhile now, and I fall in love every time I see it! We don’t currently live in a bike-friendly setting (we live off of a busy, shoulder-less road, PLUS there’s no place in our apartment for a bike), but when we move I’d love to be able to hit up our usual spots–grocery store, bank, post office, farmer’s market–on a bike. Especially this one!
They’re giving away one per week — just link to them from your blog, add yourself to their email list, or follow them on Twitter. It can’t hurt to try!


4 responses to “bike lust

  1. totally coveting that bike, too! and the kids.

  2. someone in tallahassee has that bike and i saw it and wondered if they had added the plastic bin in back… but now i know and i am coveting it too…

  3. May the Lord grant your desire! That’s the coolest thing since the Vita-Mix!

  4. You know how I like to stay within the majority opinion, but I think the bike looks stupid. However….knowing you – You would make it look oh-s0-cool and then I would want to get one. But I would need a very big tub, wouldn’t I? And then I would be back to looking stupid.

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